HF Going Away: In progressRecently, I said good-bye to a wonderful friend and co-worker, Heidi. Although we still work at the same company, she’s now living 1,600 miles away, in the beautiful Wood River Valley of Idaho.

I’ve been friends with Heidi for most of my time in Madison, and she is actually one of the reasons I am at my current job. I knew such a great gal would have lots of friends wishing her well, so last month we all gathered at Brocach in downtown Madison to celebrate Heidi’s exciting new adventure.

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown a themed party, so I got into it. Needless to say maps + glitter = happy Lori (until Lori realizes her kitchen will be sparkly for quite a long time). Unfortunately, I was having too good of a time at the party to take photos of the map mountain ranges, colorful cupcakes or suitcase vignettes. But, I took a couple of shots of the invitation and decorations in progress, so hopefully they’ll give you an idea of what I was aiming for: old-fashioned travel with a dash of girly glam (hence the glitter).

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