Invitations are one of my favorite projects to do. I am not sure if it’s my love of event-planning or just excitement for a new design that makes me happy, but it works. No matter if it’s a corporate party or a my own birthday brunch, let’s get this party started! Click on the thumbnails below for a closer look. I also have electronic invitations in the email section.

[going away party]
When my friend moved from Wisconsin to Idaho, I designed this invitation for her going away party.

[birthday brunch]
New decade, new day, new breakfast recipes! For my 30th birthday, I designed this brunch invitation with my favorite color (orange) and my favorite meal (breakfast) in-mind. This piece was folded with the sunrise peeking out and the yellow piece on top.

[event dinners]
My firm frequently hosts dinners and evening events for clients and prospects, and I got to design the invitations. Although I used corporate colors and some of the visual branding elements, I was able to step outside the box a little bit for these events.

[jumpstart 2012 dinner]
For an air service dinner, I created the invitation suite, signage and table tents. Using the solid square frequently seen on collateral, as well as additional corporate colors and fonts, I designed this series for an event for airline representatives, airport managers and future clients.

[aaae 2011 event materials]
During an industry conference, my firm hosted a casual dinner at a local brewery. I decided to have some fun with the idea of beer foam on the invitation, table tents and transportation information cards.

[wedding suite]
After the bride had purchased an etsy invitation, she wanted additional items designed to match the color palette and fonts of the invitation. I created a logo for the wedding, using the couple’s initials (a happy reminder of a similar piece of art a family friend carved for them), designed a paper fan for use during the reception, and information cards to include with the invitations.

[graduation invitation]
When a friend wanted custom invitations to his graduation ceremony and party, I created this piece using white cardstock and semi-transparent vellum paper.