Invitations are one of my favorite projects to do. I am not sure if it’s my love of event-planning or just excitement for a new design that makes me happy, but it works. No matter if it’s a corporate party or a my own birthday brunch, let’s get this party started! Click on the thumbnails below for a closer look. 

[20th anniversary reception invitation]
Before each annual conference, the UWEBC held an executive reception and dinner. For the consortium’s 20th year, we wanted to do it up big, so we sent paper invitations to the reception and dinner. To ensure the RSVP and logistics pages matched each audience, there were five slightly different versions with separate URLs. I kept it simple and classic for this piece.

[save the date]
Since many of my friends and family were not in Wisconsin, the save the date postcard I designed highlighted the many ways our adopted state is special. In addition to the image below, you can download the linked PDF, where each phrase is linked.

[plant happy baby shower invitation]
This mom-to-be was not into highly gendered baby gear and was planning a nature-inspired nursery. I was able to layer on many different fronds, branches and other plant parts to create a lush border around the invitation details.

[taco-inspired wedding shower invitation]
When you’re planning a bridal shower for your Kate Spade manager, you have to make it cute. Using a mix of fun colors, cute art, and puns (+ tacos and margaritas) ensured a good time.

[perfectly aged birthday party invitation]
What do you do when your husband turns 40? Throw a party in a distillery and make lots of jokes about aging, of course. I had fun digitally burning the brand into the barrel on this one.

[floral wedding invitation]
The bride wanted something cheerful, pretty, but still a little traditional. We took some liberties (first names only), but kept other pieces formal (script font). It incorporated her wedding colors and was carried through in the program, signage and even lighting design!

[going away party]
When my friend moved from Wisconsin to Idaho, I designed this invitation for her going away party.

[birthday brunch]
New decade, new day, new breakfast recipes! For my 30th birthday, I designed this brunch invitation with my favorite color (orange) and my favorite meal (breakfast) in-mind. This piece was folded with the sunrise peeking out and the yellow piece on top.

[event dinners]
The firm I worked for frequently hosted dinners and evening events for clients and prospects, and I got to design the invitations. Although I used corporate colors and some of the visual branding elements, I was able to step outside the box a little bit for these events.

[jumpstart 2012 dinner]
For an air service dinner, I created the invitation suite, signage and table tents. Using the solid square frequently seen on collateral, as well as additional corporate colors and fonts, I designed this series for an event for airline representatives, airport managers and future clients.

[aaae 2011 event materials]
During an industry conference, my firm hosted a casual dinner at a local brewery. I decided to have some fun with the idea of beer foam on the invitation, table tents and transportation information cards.

[wedding suite]
After the bride had purchased an etsy invitation, she wanted additional items designed to match the color palette and fonts of the invitation. I created a logo for the wedding, using the couple’s initials (a happy reminder of a similar piece of art a family friend carved for them), designed a paper fan for use during the reception, and information cards to include with the invitations.

[graduation invitation]
When a friend wanted custom invitations to his graduation ceremony and party, I created this piece using white cardstock and semi-transparent vellum paper.