[airport award submittal]
I designed the pages, based on the client’s logo and colors, edited and rewrote technical copy and laid out the pages. Because this award won at the local level, it advanced to the national award competition. You can also read the copy.

[environmental award submittal]
This was an incredibly interesting but complicated award. The airport needed a longer runway, but there wasn’t any more land! After some creative problem-solving, the consultant and airport were able to ‘create’ the land needed with dredging and filling. The environmental mitigation needed to offset the effects were tricky, but over the course of many years, the team found land to restore and gave the community a gorgeous wetland and an accessible, useful fishery. Once I wrapped my head around this sprawling project, it was a lot of fun to write about it.

I wrote the copy, designed the template to the organization’s specifications, selected photos and created infographics. This submission was an Engineering Excellence Award State Finalist. You can read the copy here.