Funnily enough, I spend all day every day helping others put together responsive emails in Oracle Eloqua, but I don’t send too many myself these days. While I work on putting up more recent samples, here are some older pieces:

[conference dinner invitation]
The firm I work for hosted a dinner with a partner (and soon-to-be acquired company) in a gorgeous location with an amazing view. To send a firm-neutral invitation that used a nighttime view, I created this invite and on-site informational cards. (You can see the matching AAAE 2012 banners here.)

[aaae 2013 dinner invitation]
This was a challenging project, because I had never seen the venue before and had only very small images to work with. Using thumbnails to give a glimpse of the restaurant and patio, we sent this email to prospects and clients. The matching informational cards were given out at the tradeshow, and the table tents were used at the restaurant.

[save the date email]
This “save the date” went out to clients and prospective clients who we hoped would join us at a dinner during one of the largest aviation events of the year. It needed to be simple, focus on the date and deliver a few key details.

[air service merger email]
The Mead & Hunt Air Service Development Conference was the first event where airline representatives met with airports after American Airlines merged with US Airways. This email highlighted the unique opportunity and increased enrollment.