Although I am sorely tempted to dedicate this page to monthly planners, I’ll discuss and link to events I’ve planned.

[air service development]
This is my third year helping to plan and host this conference. It’s usually located in a warm climate, and it usually takes place in January. It’s a rough job, someone has to soak in those rays!

Each year, I use Constant Contact to create the website, registration page and e-blasts. I also coordinate the give-aways, registration packets, agenda design and production and signage design and set-up. At the event, I basically serve as a Girl Scout/hostess. My job is to be prepared for any situation and help out where I can. Whether it’s running registration, entertaining clients, or making a last-minute run to the copy shop to make new name tags, I have a blast keeping very busy.

This year, Air Service Development will be in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. The event is quickly approaching, and we’re looking forward to some new attendees with an East Coast location. I’m sure I’ll post more on the blog, but for now, here’s the event site and the banners.

[going away party]
I recently planned a going away party for a friend who moved to Idaho.