Although I am sorely tempted to dedicate this page to monthly planners, I’ll discuss and link to events I’ve planned.

[uwebc annual conferences]
I think I learned the most at the UW E-Business Consortium helping to plan and run the the annual conference. As the state’s largest gathering of business and technology leaders with attendees from across Wisconsin, it was lots of work and even more fun. 

As the marketing lead, I created and implemented a comprehensive plan to drive registration. Because our members preferred it, our main channel was email, using ClickDimensions and Microsoft CRM to create targeted campaigns. Registration grew by 30% with a 45% increase in revenue.

Each year, I created the look and feel of the event, including the website, program, signage, give-aways, badges, presentations and promotional materials. 

Leading up to the event, I coordinated with event staff on registration, liaised with the audio visual and video streaming providers, and helped keep staff members organized, using planning tasks, CRM and good old-fashioned Excel.

I also led sponsors sales and support. From the first call through planning meetings, logistics and the big day, all the way to the experience survey, I was the sponsors’ point-of-contact. I helped each sponsor craft their Strategic Briefing, a 25-minute mini session to show their expertise. During my time at the consortium, we saw a 41% increase in sponsor revenue.

Last but not least, I worked with the director on speaker selection, booking, logistics and relations. This was a blast, as I got to work with the Team Captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition, the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot, and the Chief Engineer of NASA’s Mars 2020, just to name a few.

[air service development]
For three years, I helped to plan and host an air service conference. It was located in a warm climate, and it took place in January. It was a rough job, but someone has to soak in that sunshine!

I used Constant Contact to create the website, registration page and e-blasts. I also coordinated the give-aways, registration packets, agenda design and production and signage design and set-up. At the event, I basically served as a Scout/hostess. My job was to be prepared for any situation and help out where I could. Whether it was running registration, entertaining clients, or making a last-minute run to the copy shop to make new name tags, I had a blast keeping very busy.