Since I work at a university now, I guess we can call my long absence a blog sabbatical. Yikes! Since my last post, I have been up to a lot:

    • I got a new job! I’m now the Marketing and Communications Manager for the UW E-Business Consortium, an organization dedicated to peer-to-peer learning among some of Wisconsin’s best companies. Although I made wonderful friends and learned a ton as a marketing coordinator, this next step in my career was overdue. I love getting to do something different every day. One day, I’m coding, the next I am writing and designing, followed by planning. I’ll blog more about what I do at this job, but in a nutshell, it’s great.My new position has also helped me rebalance work and life, but needless to say, staying afloat while learning the ropes has kept me busy. Now that I have my sea legs (or are those Badger legs?), I plan to blog more! (Although it won’t take much to hit “more” at this rate!)
    • I kept up my busy travel schedule. I returned to London, went to Madrid and Segovia, Spain (future post on all the colors and patterns on-deck!) and swung through Washington, D.C. on my way to Frederick, Maryland. I also went back to Washington (State), New York, Las Vegas and of course, Kansas.
    • I have been designing, writing, planning and strategizing up a storm. I plan to blow the dust off my portfolio and let you know what I’ve been working on.
    • I learned how to code! Okay, I technically knew a little bit before I got my new job. And I am certainly no expert. But, dealing with a finicky website and being the sole webmaster for my workplace has taught me so much, and I actually feel comfortable in monospaced type and tags.

It’s been a crazy, fun-filled year and a half away from blogging, but I am ready to get back into the groove of writing regularly and sharing my thoughts. (Me? Opinionated?) Here we go!

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