There’s nothing like knowing what you created is going to serve as a brand and be applied to ads, brochures, clothing … and even billboards!

I started my professional design experience while working at a land development firm called McKeough Land Company. If you wanted to purchase a homesite for a second home or retirement house by a lake, in a forest (with green eggs and ham …), you could talk to McKeough.

Each new community needed a logo that reflected the development’s ambiance.

[apostle highlands]
Located in Bayfield, this golf community had amazing views of Lake Superior and boasted easy access to the next-door Apostle Highlands Golf Course. I designed and wrote the copy for this oversize, two-sided postcard and also created the logo.

[buffalo ridge]
This property was located in the Wisconsin Dells, along the Wisconsin River. The logo design for this was actually originally the surveyor’s idea. He put a buffalo and curved text on the survey, and I only had to tweak it with a new font and Pantone friendly colors. I used that same survey to create this site map in Illustrator.

[orchard hill]
A brand new property on a hillside in Bayfield, Wisconsin, meant a new logo. I wanted to incorporate Bayfield’s lovely apple orchards (and their charming Apple Festival) and the fact the property’s entrance was lined with apple trees into the logo. I ran through a whole variety of logos before we decided on the final version.