[aaae event 2012]
Since I was already in Phoenix for an earlier conference, I was able to pick the venue for this event. We had a client dinner at Different Pointe of View, which featured amazing sunsets. I designed two banners that used our corporate colors. The teal-to-gray option matched the interior color, and the orange banner glowed against the sunset. You can see the matching email invitation here.

[network usa 2013 dinner]
Using my company’s logo and one of the corporate colors, I designed banner stands to use as welcome signs at the event’s entry. These signs, seen quickly as guests enter, simply and clearly conveyed a message while visually referencing the location (SeaWorld). I also designed and produced matching table tents. (Most importantly, I got to pet dolphins!)

[network usa 2012 dinner]
For these banners, we featured our Ocean Sans typeface with some gorgeous stock photography.

[jumpstart 2013 dinner]
We needed to coordinate with a darker restaurant, but my team wanted to use the main corporate colors: red and gray. I didn’t get to see photos of where the banners would go, so I designed them to frame a doorway or work separately.

[jumpstart 2012 dinner]
For this dinner, I wanted to use all of the corporate colors, as well as Helvetica Neue, one of the corporate typefaces. But, I wanted to mix things up and echo the invitations I had created. The event also used table tents with the same design.

 [air service development 2014]
As part of my hosting duties for this conference, I was in charge of setting up the conference room, presentation room and registration. To pop in some color, add some polish and professionalism, and aid in way-finding, I designed these banners for the registration desk, hallways and front of the main presentation room.