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Forensics. My entire career can be traced back to forensics. Although most people think of some type of CSI television show when they hear that word, I’m actually referring to that extracurricular activity where students hone their public speaking skills in debate, dramatic performance, prose and many, many other categories.

Fourteen-year-old Lori strolled the cavernous halls of her large high school and quickly reconsidered her foolhardy decision to join the award-winning, uberintimidating forensics team. The pressure was intense. The talent immense. And the coach? A little bit terrifying.

In a panic, I dropped the public speaking classes and enrolled in Journalism I and II. My path was set. After toiling away on the high school yearbook, I decided to go to Kansas State University and join the staff of the elite Royal Purple yearbook. (Yes, there are such things as elite yearbooks. Stop laughing.) I graduated with a degree in public relations and left the Great Plains for America’s Dairyland, with a short stint in Paris in between.

I started out selling yearbooks and decided hard-core sales isn’t for me. Then I switched gears and marketed homesites for a land development company. When the economy crashed and second homes were a laughable item, I spent my unemployed time planning events like class reunions.

Next, I worked as a marketing coordinator at an architectural and engineering firm. I marketed aviation services, which meant I promoted almost anything you can build, plan or “engineer” at an airport. I lived my life in airport codes, FAA acronyms and engineer-speak.

Six years ago, I landed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in a consortium that specializes in collaborative learning with the leading companies in the state.

Today, I help users across the university succeed with Oracle Eloqua. My job is different every day, and I love it. I get to write, design and code, and strategize and plan. In my spare time, I do random graphic design jobs for friends and family.

There are so many exciting things happening in the fields of marketing, design and social media that I decided to collect my thoughts in one place. Welcome to seeloriwork.com.


















































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