Last week, I participated in the 2013 Project Manager Conference. Every other year, the company I work for brings hundreds of project managers to Madison to teach, learn and network. (Pretty cool, huh?) Because we’re so far-flung, sometimes this is the first time I might meet a co-worker face-to-face.

I love my project managers, so the socializing is the best part. Whether it’s enjoying a lively dinner, playing shuffleboard at the Great Dane or competing in a company trivia contest (1980s movies for $100 please), it’s a blast.

However, it wasn’t all play. One of the sessions I attended applied lessons from TED talks to interviews. A sample TED talk was about trying something new for 30 days, and it got me thinking: What would I like to try for 30 days? The older I get, the faster time clicks by, so I really like the idea of focusing on one thing each day. I’m still kicking this idea around, but here are a few of my (or Matt Cutts’) ideas for 30-day activities.

  • Blog – I’ve established I can get distracted from seeloriwork.com when I am buried in deadlines. Nothing like a little goal-setting to get me in the habit!
  • Exercise – From the dusty elliptical in my house to the many yoga classes I don’t make time for, I could use a consistent change.
  • Photograph – As the days get shorter, it could be a fun challenge to snap pictures and find the beauty in the dark winter days.
  • Cook – I am the queen of take-out. Why not challenge myself to eat cheaper, healthier and more creatively?
  • Abstain from coffee – I have actually decided this is cruel and unusual punishment. Not happening.

Any suggestions? What changes have you made in your life? Did it take 30 days?

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