IMG_3044Like many professionals, I work in a cubicle. Although I’m not a huge fan of open-office plans, I have resigned myself to my faux walls.

But. The cubicles in my office aren’t exactly new. And they’re gray. Don’t get me wrong. I love a beautiful gray. But these are straight from the set of Office Space I am lucky enough to have a window, so the natural light helps a lot. But, as a person who adores orange, I still found myself visually recoiling from the storm clouds in my cubicle.

So, I took matters into my own hands: I Lori-fied the heck out of that cube:

First, I hung IKEA fabric as a bright wallpaper. Besides being an economical choice, it handles pushpins like a champ.

Next, I pinned up art that makes me happy, from a print of a silly penguin painting to a postcard of my favorite animal.

Dogs + Silly  = Wonderful. Whether it’s pups doing yoga or a funny doggie paddle, goofy calendars are where it’s at for me.

I have some office-friendly plants in my cube, too. A jade plant and a spider plant are easy and low-maintenance enough that even my busy schedule doesn’t kill them!

Last but not least, a cube wouldn’t be complete without a few personal photos. My fiance, my Little Sister and of course, my dog all play starring roles in a few frames.

It’s not the fanciest cube around, but the bright pops of color and humor definitely brighten my day.

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