It appears I inadvertently took a summer vacation from blogging! Although I hate that I let myself slip out of the habit, I had a wonderful, busy summer.

Every winter, I swear I am done with Wisconsin weather. Then, spring hits, and Madison tricks me into falling in love with it again. This year was no exception. I enjoyed some classic summer activities, like attending a couple of Mallards games and a Brewers game, picnicking during Concerts on the Square and walking around countless farmers’ markets. (However, my subscription to Driftless Organics’ CSA has curbed my buying!)

I also got to travel a fair amount. I zipped between eight states (and a district):

  • I started off with a trip to Ellensburg, Washington, to visit my fiance’s brother, sister-in-law and nephew. Stacey (sister-in-law) is an organic farmer, so this Kansas girl finally worked on a farm.
  • Next, I went to Washington, DC to work on a TRB-ACRP project. I designed all of the infographics for the report, which was a blast. I also managed to squeeze in a trip to Frederick, Maryland, to see my best friend‘s new digs.
  • In Tennessee, I attended an 80th birthday party, petted donkeys, spotted dozens of Elvises (Elvii?) and stumbled upon one of America’s oldest working letterpress shops.
  • Next, I headed to Colorado for a  business development training, followed by a photo shoot of our planning and engineering staff in their fabulous LoDo office. Barry Staver, my photographer, had an impressive portfolio, but his photo essay on prisoners and goats really clinched the decision to hire him.
  • The weekend after Denver, I dashed off to Cape Cod for a restorative, long weekend with old girlfriends. Seafood, beach time, long walks and great company; a recipe for perfection!
  • In Oregon, I visited my firm’s Portland office, where I directed another staff photo shoot, this time with the talented Craig Mitchelldyer. I shopped at two of my favorite spots: Canoe and of course, Powell’s City of Books.
  • I also visited home with my Little Sister, who is exploring colleges. We toured a couple of small, liberal arts schools and bonded over the Interstates of the Midwest.
  • The last time I returned home, I swung over to Missouri for some antiquing. The West Bottoms are KC’s best kept secret.

I promise on my well-worn suitcase to blog more frequently. I have had so many adventures to write about, and fall promises to hold more! I just booked tickets to Houston for November.

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