Plattan Plus in GrapeSince I work in marketing, it’s probably not a surprise that my department is dominated by women. We all get along pretty well, and many of us are friends outside of work, so we are a chatty bunch. While I enjoy my co-workers’ company, the level of friendliness is directly proportionate to the volume of the department.

I also work in a cubicle.

When one is concentrating on writing, editing or even refining complicated designs, it can be distracting to hear conversations you don’t care about (and even more distracting when you do care about the chatter)! In these situations, I have found a life-saver: Urbanears headphones.

I have Plattan Plus in Grape, and it’s a lovely set of headphones. (Note: The only difference between the Plattan and the Plus is an Apple-certified microphone and remote with stop/play and volume controls.) Although not completely noise-canceling, the cushy earpieces drown out the printing, hole-drilling, binding and gossiping that goes on in the production area I sit near. The company is overseas (recommended by the incomparable ex-pat Hannah Ballou), but the equipment ships surprisingly fast. I think I had my headphones in about a week. If you can’t wait, I saw some of the available colors and styles at my local Best Buy.

I highly recommend this brand for their functionality, colors*, style and price (much cheaper than Beats!). Three out of 10 coordinators agree!

*The colors aren’t true-to-life. My “grape” headphones are more of a fuchsia, and “pumpkin” is more of a yellow-orange. They’re vibrant and fun, but count on them being a bit lighter in real life.
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