I consider myself both left- and right-brained. (For this post, we’ll ignore the fact that it seems to be pretty much a myth.) While I love design, color and all things creative, I also thrive on logic, organization and … data.

Since setting and attaining goals in marketing can be fuzzier than say, assembly line work, (Oh to have the clear satisfaction of having completed 1,000 widgets for the day!) I tend to gravitate toward the “concrete” out there. While I would never say that pure numbers spell marketing success (much to many executives’ chagrin), there is a great deal of power to be harnessed in measuring and understanding data.

I love learning, and I pride myself on keeping current with new trends and technologies, but lately, life (deadlines!) have gotten in the way of this personal goal. So, I was excited to get an email from Google announcing the next course in the Google Analytics Academy. A free class? On my schedule? Sold! So, after March 11, I’ll be taking Google Analytics Platform Principles and working toward my Google Analytics IQ.

What do you do to stay current in your industry?

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