MeadHunt_AirportMagazine_Aug-Sept2012_halfpage_adv2I can always tell when I’ve been traveling too much. I get really, really excited about a weekend at home, filled with cleaning and laundry. (Someday, I will tell you about my four kinds of detergent and color-coded sorting wheel.) There’s something soothing about getting your house in order after being gone for so long.

Last week, I was out of town or traveling four of the five business days, so it was definitely a gleeful laundry weekend. That translates into Lori being a big ol’ blog slacker. I’ll get back on the wagon soon, but until then, I leave you with an ad. We recently redesigned our ads to reflect the logo update and collateral refresh the marketing department has been working to implement. We’re always marketing our people as the “difference-makers” and a benefit to clients, so I stuck with employee photos for this one. I got to use pictures of “new blood” (employees of the company my employer acquired), which is always exciting. Yay new faces!

Fun fact: The photos on the left and right of the ad were taken in the same location. To mix it up (and avoid an overwhelming amount of window treatments), I got my Photoshop on and put the two gentlemen in an airport office. Any guesses where they are?

You can find out more over in the DESIGN section.

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