Why hello there! Lovely to see you here. I’m flattered you stopped in, even though there’s a very good chance that you are probably:

I have debated starting a blog for quite some time. I have plenty of opinions. I love to share. I’m pretty fond of writing and design. Why not combine all of that with my love of staring at my MacBook Pro?

Taking a class called Blogging with WordPress seemed like a great excuse to quit pondering and start writing. We’ll see how this takes shape, but for now, here are some of the topics I’m planning on covering:

  • Discoveries | Whether it’s pretty or witty, I’ll share what’s making me smile.
  • Life in the cube | Strategies for surviving a world where the walls are short, the deadlines are quick and the desks are messy.
  • Work | Show-and-tell, marketing-style.
  • Tips and tricks | What makes my life easier, happier and [best of all] more organized.

So, thanks for dropping in. I’ll do my best to keep this interesting, useful or at least typo-free.

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