Annual Conference: Planning & Logistics

First, marketing and communications sets the conference’s plan, collaborating with the executive director and event services team. After determining the conference’s price structure, key deadlines and goals, we detailed each task in CRM. For an example of a year’s tasks, please see the 2019 plan (Excel download).

My team was responsible for thinking through the event’s overall agenda for the day, setting project milestones, and helping determine registration, sponsorship and internal deadlines. Because driving registrations was such a crucial part of the year, the conference’s promotional calendar served as the backbone for the entire event’s schedule.

Additional tasks I or my team led and/or executed include:

  • conference registration system, including technology, payment and best practices.
  • name badge vendor selection, variable printing data, design and production.
  • coordinating with Sonic Foundry and Monona Terrace on audiovisual production, including acquiring equipment, filming sessions, distributing videos to attendees, and working with speaker needs.
  • selecting, contracting with and directing professional photographer.
  • determining a wayfinding plan and creating, printing and placing all signage.
  • working with partner organizations on comped tickets, event promotion, trade show exhibits and overall conference experience.
  • liaising with Distinguished Fellow Award recipient to coordinate presence at reception and conference, as well as award details.
  • preconference reception invitations, presentation templates and badges.
  • post-conference survey creation, promotion and reporting.
  • all sponsor sales and relations.

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